The original Sims Graveyard is online

As we’ve said before, this Sims Graveyard will continue to operate as a competing graveyard should the original ever return from the dead. This is now the circumstance we find ourselves in. There is no update/news posted on the website or the Twitter feed, so at this stage there’s no sign that it’s being actively … Read more

926 Black Pearl Sims files added

We’ve added the files from Black Pearl Sims that are archived on the BPS Backup website. About 90 of these files were for The Sims 4, so we’ve had to add a new “Sims 4 Downloads” section to the website. Given that many of the users of Black Pearl Sims are still active, it’s extremely … Read more

56 Doursim files added

56 additional clothing meshes and recolours by Doursim have been added to the Sims 2 Downloads section Several video files have been removed because we’re not really in the video hosting business here, and videos are quite large files.

Sims Graveyard is live

Hello. This is the first version of a new Sims Graveyard website created by the team at Liquid Sims. We’re still in the process of uploading files, so don’t stress too much if you notice something is missing.

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